p4 version 1.100
A Power Point Post Processor

P4 Post processes the files created by Power Point 97's "Save as HTML" option. The result is nicer, has better funcionality and useses less screen space than Microsoft's original solution. It generates pages for frames, for non frames, for printing and even for small VGA screens.

p4 was written by Prof. Ziga Turk, an associate professor at the University in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

p4 can be downloaded from p4 home page at http://www.fagg.uni-lj.si/~zturk/works/p4/ .


  1. Save your Power Point Presentation as HTML. Select no frames, buttons to the right of the slide, GIF images. Any slide size can be used, but 800*600 at 3/4 is a good and portable option. If you would also like to add slide notes to your presetation, save it as frames also - but with the same slide size.
  2. (optional) Close Power Point and move the .ppt file to the direcory created in step 1. Name the file "slides.ppt".
  3. (optional) Create Adobe PDF files with printable versions of the slides and/or handouts. Name them "slides.pdf" and "handouts.pdf" and store them in the same directory.
  4. Run p4 from within the directory. On DOS/Windows you would type:
    c:\bin\p4.bat -SLO

    This assumes you have stored both perl.exe and p4.pl in c:\bin. Only use -SLO switch if your presentation is in Slovenian language.
  5. Check the results by opening file index.htm. All the files created by Power Point are preserved. Only index.htm is renamed to ppindex.htm. All .htm files crated by Power Point (sld*.htm and tsld*.htm) can be deleted.

To run on UNIX, strip first 4 lines, rename to p4.pl and execute.

Planned features