Maiser Help

This help applies to maiser running as
The Mercury Mail Transport includes a simple mail server capable of performing a number of automatic operations in response to messages sent to it. Some or all operations may be restricted at some sites.

To activate the mail server, send a message to the special mail server account at the site ( MAISER@host.domain), with the subject of the message set to anything (the mail server will quote your subject line back to you in its reply), and the commands the mail server should perform listed one per line in the message body. The mail server stops parsing commands when it encounters the end of the message, or a blank line. If your mailer adds a signature to your messages, make sure you enter a blank line after the last command. Unrecognized commands are ignored and generate no error.

The following commands are recognized by the mail server at this site (

       - Takes no parameters, returns this text.

    VERIFY address
       - Determines whether a particular address is valid at
         this site.

    LOOKUP string
       - Returns a list of users at this address who match
         the string you supply. The string may contain * and
         ? wildcard characters. This command may be disabled at
         some sites.

       - Takes no parameters - returns your message to you,
         headers intact.

       - Shows all the mailing lists available at this site.

    SUBSCRIBE list-name
    or SUB list-name
       - Asks Maiser to add you to a mailing list. If the list is
         not a public list, you will receive an error message.

    UNSUBSCRIBE list-name
    or SIGNOFF list-name
    or UNSUB list-name
       - Asks Maiser to remove your address from a mailing list.

    ADD list-name address
       - If you are a moderator for the list, this command will
         add an address to the list.

    REMOVE list-name address
       - If you are a moderator for the list, this command will
         remove an address from the list.

    ENUMERATE list-name
    or REVIEW list-name
       - Asks the maiser to send you the current subscribers to the
         list. Enumeration of the list may be restricted on a list-
         by-list basis unless you are a list moderator.

       - Asks the maiser for a list of files available by e-mail
         at this site.

    SEND filename
       - Asks the maiser to send you a file. For a list of the files
         available by e-mail from this site, see the INDEX command.
If you have problems with this facility, or questions, please mail them to
The Mercury Mail Transport System is Copyright (c) 1993, David Harris, All Rights Reserved.