Workshop fees


Workshop fee Before May 3rd 450 DEM
After May 3rd 600 DEM
Accompanying person's fee 150 DEM
Additional copy of the proceedings 70 DEM

Workshop fee includes access to the three day workshop, printed proceedings, three lunches, welcome reception, conference dinner and refreshments during the cofee breaks. Accompanying person's fee includes the conference dinner and the welcome reception. DEM stands for German marks.


Only money orders are accepted. All wired payments should go to:

Bank: Nova Ljubljanska Banka d.d., Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Swift code: LJBASI 2X
Account No: 27621-50768 (if you use Swift)
Account No: 50100-620-133-27621-50768 (if you do not use Swift)
Account holder: Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Ljubljana, Jamova 2.
Attn: CIB-W78 - [your name]

At the conference, the payments can also be made in SIT (Slovenian Tolars).


  1. Print this document. Please note that you can also print the invoice after filling in the participant registration form (Follow the link below Add information.)
  2. Fill it in.
  3. Wire the funds.
  4. Fax it to us and attach a proof of payment.