About the Construction Resources Database


The Database is in its testing phase. Please send bug reports, requirements and feedback to ziga.turk@fagg.uni-lj.si.


Dr. Ziga Turk created this service. Matti Hannus supplied over 150 links with descriptions.


A resource database has been part of the ICARIS system since it was moved on the WWW in early 1994. It was one of the first systems that allowed forms based input of resources. About 150 pointers accumulated at that database without much editorial intervention.
In late 1995 dr. Turk developed a system called wBASE which allowed me to build web database applications very rapidly. The links were moved into this database format.
During one of the ToCEE Turk was impressed by the links Matti Hannus from VTT compiled and inserted into his html pages manually - they came to a conclusion that it would be great dedicate the effort into putting the links not into an isolated html page but into a database. So Hannus's links were translated into database format and so were a few other hotlists engineers have compiled. In total over 1000 links were compiled and categorised. The compilation was published as an appendix to the proceedings of the "Construction on the Information Highway" workshop.
In summer 1996 the system was polished and utilities were added for automatic checking of page existence and semi-automatic discovery of new pages.


The database's scope are any civil engineering related resources such as:
Out of scope are:
If in doubt, enter into the database anyway.