Integrated CAD Research Information System
Started in 1993, ICARIS has been an experimental information system trying to fulfill the information requirements of a civil engineer interested in construction IT. 

This page documents some of the resources it offered. Today it is superceded withy the ITC server, which includes the best of ICARIS and several other services.

One of the most complete directory of civil engineering resources on the Internet. 1000+ links. 

Calendar of conferences, seminars, workshops... You may search or add to the database. 

CIB's working comission 78 is dedicated to computer integrated construction

Not much more than a placeholder. But have a look at the ITcon Journal! 

Education of Information Technology (IT) for civil engineering. 

(Feb.96) Directory of Construction IT Journals
(Apr.96) European Masonry Data Bank

(Sep.95) Intl. Workshop: Construction on the Information Highway
(Aug.95) Index of Product Data International. 
(Aug.95) Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction.