Information Technology in Construction

with services, related to construction informatics, created and maintained by the Chair of Construction Informatics at the IKPIR Institute of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering.


Newsletter for 2006.

CUM-IN-CAD - Bibliographic database of over 5000 papers related to computer aided architectural design.

ITC digital library - Bibliographic database of about 1000 papers on construction information technology (in full text) including a complete digital proceedings of the CIB W78.

Other Digital Libraries related to the built environment and electronic publishing using the SciX Open Publishing Services.

EASY - Earthquake Engineering Slide Information System.

WODA - Web Oriented Database System and "rent a database" service.

Active Projects

Completed projects

Old projects


eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Conference, September, 2002.

EGSEA-AI - bibliographic database of about 300 papers related to structural engineering applications of artificial intelligence.

CONNET Slovenia. Slovenian node of the European network of construction portals.

eCAADe Slovenia - Education and CAAD in Europe

ICARIS Construction IT Resources. Over 1250 resources related to information technology in construction.

EMDB - European Masonry Data Bank (outdated)

CIB W78 Workshop Construction on the Information Highway 1996

CIB W78 - Information technology in construction mailing list and membership database.

CONNET Calculation and Software Centre. A library of over 3000 engineering programs.

Journals on information technology in construction.


ECPPM - European Conferences on Product and Process Modelling

ITcon - Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction.

Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering - the official home page in English, Slovene and for our students.

IKPIR - Inštitut za konstrukcije, potresno inženirstvo in računalništvo.

In Slovene:

IZS - Inženirska zbornica Slovenije.

SDPI - Slovensko društvo za potresno inženirstvo.

Log pod Mangartom - plaz.

GETS - Geodetski tezaver in slovar.

Slovenian translation of Skype